Dgraph Day, an inaugural event for Dgraph users to share their experiences and learn best practices, features experts using Dgraph at scale and in production. The virtual conference includes a keynote by Dgraph Founder and CTO Manish Jain, 13 speakers, and four hands-on workshops.

Speakers will discuss building a knowledge graph with Dgraph, how it can be used for graph analytics and fraud detection as well as for health and science data. Dgraph experts will also share their experiences moving from SQL to Dgraph and what makes Dgraph’s product unique. Experiential learning through workshops will showcase how to handle unstructured data with Dgraph, how to build a social media app, and best practices for getting started with Dgraph.

Coinciding with Dgraph Day is the release of the latest version of Dgraph, v21.03. This includes highly requested features like Apollo federation, lambda webhooks, multi-tenancy, audit logging, and Raft learner nodes.

The keynote address will include live coding with the new features to highlight the power and versatility of the first major Dgraph release of 2021.

Dgraph Cloud includes three tiers: free, shared, and dedicated. With options to deploy Dgraph on AWS, GCP, or Azure, Dgraph Cloud is ideal for learning, growing, or scaling.

The basic tier is free for all users, making it easy to get started.

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