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Dgraph Labs Joins Hands With Capventis To Expand Data Unification Of Global Brands


Dgraph Labs has partnered with UK-based integration and analytics consulting company Capventis to expand the data unification of global brands. The partnership will extend Dgraph’s reach as Capventis leverages its integration options with key clients in the UK and Europe.

This software, called Glu, sits on top of Dgraph, which is used to unify diverse data sources when revealing insights. Dgraph’s GraphQL-native graph database streamlines the process of uniting siloed data, even with terabytes of data.

This partnership will allow the Capventis team to leverage their understanding and use of Dgraph when working with clients who need support with their digital transformation. In the same way that Capventis helps clients with other partner integrations, they can help clients achieve data unification with Dgraph.

Similarly, when Dgraph is working with enterprises that need further support and integration for analytics or experience management, they can leverage the Capventis partnership to provide companies with the insights that they need.