Kubernetes, Ship

Diamanti has announced a free, 21-day trial of Diamanti Spektra and Diamanti Ultima through its customer portal, Diamanti Central.

Diamanti prepares businesses for changing needs by connecting Kubernetes resources across on-premises and cloud environments, delivering a secure, modern application platform across a hybrid cloud. Through the free hosted trials, interested enterprise users have the ability to experience Diamanti’s software with no upfront costs, through a simple portal.

Customers can leverage the 21-day trials through Diamanti Central, which also contains a library full of helpful documentation, Helm charts, featured applications and have access to customer support.

Through the trial, customers can explore the benefits of Ultima, a multi-cloud Kubernetes data plane management solution. Ultima delivers a container-optimized storage layer with integrated data services.

Users also have the ability to try out Spektra, a turnkey solution for multi-cloud, multi-cluster Kubernetes. Spektra enables secure multi-tenancy for both enterprises and service providers managing multiple user groups across multiple environments.

Free trial users have access to features including: multi-cloud/multi-cluster management to create a Kubernetes cluster and map to an existing or new project; application lifecycle management to deploy, monitor and view application status across multiple environments as well as set up disaster recovery policies; and explore a library of objects (Helm charts and Kubernetes operators) for common data-intensive applications and easily migrate the preferred objects in a deployment.

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