Diamanti has announced support for AWS with Diamanti Spektra 3.1 and Ultima data plane services. Additionally, the company launched a new customer portal called Diamanti Central.

The Diamanti Spektra console is a single pane of glass from which users can manage on-premises D20 clusters and Kubernetes clusters from public cloud providers such as Azure, and now AWS.

Support for AWS enables users to create AWS clusters, deploy applications, and migrate applications to and from AWS clusters. Users can also enable Disaster Recovery (DR) between AWS and Diamanti clusters to improve fault tolerance and eliminate single points of failure.

Diamanti has also added support for AWS to its recently-announced Diamanti Ultima Kubernetes data plane software, which provides interoperability with AWS and virtual and bare-metal infrastructure, abstracting the underlying storage system (e.g., Amazon EBS or NVMe), and supporting various Kubernetes management solutions, including Diamanti Spektra, Red Hat OpenShift, Amazon EKS, and other Kubernetes services.

Diamanti also introduces Diamanti Insights, phone home telemetry that provides support and identifies emerging hardware and software issues, thereby simplifying Day 2 management.

Diamanti Insights captures and sends critical data about customer environments, including: Diamanti node and health, Drive health & statistics, Kubernetes cluster component status and License utilization.

Further, the new customer portal, Diamanti Central, provides access to tools, documentation, and customer support.

The portal also includes a library of curated applications that showcase data-intensive applications that benefit from Diamanti’s data plane solution. In addition, visitors also have the opportunity to register for upcoming free trials of Diamanti Spektra and Ultima.

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