Douzone, an information technology and solutions provider in Korea, has selected Diamanti as the infrastructure for its database and software services. With Diamanti, Douzone will complete its essential migration to Kubernetes and containers.

Douzone selected Diamanti’s D20X bare-metal, hyperconverged infrastructure. The new environment now includes several nodes, replacing several tens of legacy, VM-based infrastructure.

D20X reduces Douzone’s data center footprint while improving the performance by more than a factor of 20. The organization runs its MariaDB instances on Diamanti and plans to expand as it migrates additional workloads to support the business services.

Diamanti offers complete full-stack solutions as software only or on x86 hyperconverged hardware. These solutions include: Diamanti Spektra, the only multi-cloud, multi-cluster Kubernetes management platform for secure multi-tenancy and enables the migration and replication of stateful applications across clusters with Ultima.

Diamanti Ultima is a standalone software product based on Diamanti’s Kubernetes data plane management solution.

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