DigitalOcean has made available its managed Kubernetes service with production-ready functionality and full customer support.

With the May early access release, DigitalOcean focused on simplifying the most critical needs of developers when deploying Kubernetes containerized apps: node provisioning, durable storage availability, security, and scalability. This included fully configured worker nodes based on any Droplet size, seamless integration with flexible block storage, worker node protection with firewalls, and integration with Load Balancers for simple, robust and secure app scaling.

Continuous integration and continuous delivery workflows could also be implemented in a matter of seconds to further streamline the development process.

Building upon these capabilities, the new release adds new features that further simplify the provisioning and management process. These include guided configuration experiences, to assist users as they provision, configure and deploy clusters; open APIs, to enable easy integrations with developer tools, and include the ability to programmatically create and update cluster and nodes settings; and expanded version support, including Kubernetes version 1.12.1 (support for 1.13.1 coming soon).

“With DigitalOcean Kubernetes, we make running containerized apps consumable for any developer, regardless of their skills or resources. We do this by automating the management of Kubernetes clusters and the provisioning of nodes to make it faster and easier to run containerized apps. We also infuse guided UI experiences and open APIs to provide the right level of support throughout the developer’s journey,” averred DigitalOcean VP of Product Shiven Ramji.

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