DigitalOcean, one of the major cloud-based IT infrastructure provider,  has launched a new platform to connect next-gen developers and small- and mid-sized businesses with easy-to-use partner-built solutions.

Called DigitalOcean Marketplace, the new platform is aimed at enabling easier app development, deployment and scaling with the company’s 1-click simplicity.

Marketplace features pre-configured software and infrastructure stacks running on DigitalOcean. These frameworks streamline app setup by automating the process of finding, testing and provisioning all of the software dependencies involved with deploying an app. By eliminating the manual work typically involved, developers can deploy fully-tested app environments with the click of a button.

Additionally, all partner 1-Click Apps are said to be tested and verified for seamless compatibility.

Initial offerings focus on the popular application categories among the DigitalOcean customer base. These include developer tools, frameworks, blogs and forums, databases, the blockchain, analytics, monitoring and observability.

Early strategic partners include GitLab, InfluxData, Grafana, Plesk, cPanel, OpenFaaS, Hasura GraphQL, Fathom Analytics, and more. The company has plans to add new partners and app categories on an ongoing basis.

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