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Disconnect On Zero Trust Initiatives Between Security Executives And Practitioners: Survey


IT leaders, despite their high confidence levels, report widespread challenges when ensuring that their network is secure, according to new research from Forward Networks. Data from a commissioned survey conducted by IDG on behalf of Forward Networks in July 2021 shows that 70% of IT leaders strongly agree that their network architecture follows a zero-trust approach, compared to just 53% of IT managers who feel the same.

The disconnect between executives and front-line IT managers was also apparent in responses related to network security initiatives and overall security health. For example, while 59% of executives said their organizations were building or already employing zero-trust architectures, just 39% of IT managers said the same.

In addition, more than half (58%) of executive respondents rated their overall network security as ahead of the curve compared to their competitors, while another third (37%) said it was on par with others. At the same time, only 48% of managers rated their security ahead of competitors, while nearly half (47%) rated it on par.

“The disconnect between the perceptions of security executives and practitioners highlights the lack of visibility into the network and security policy adherence,” said Chiara Regale, Vice President, Product Management, Forward Networks.

“Without a single source of network truth, practitioners and executives are forced to make inferences. Having the ability to prove compliance and easily visualize security policies in action can eliminate the disconnect and ensure that the bulk of engineering effort is directed toward proactively improving the network security posture instead of fighting fires or clarifying confusing data,” added Regale.