Guest: Pavel Despot (LinkedIn)
Company: Akamai Technologies (Twitter)

Akamai Technologies is a world-leading provider of content delivery, security, and edge compute solutions. In this episode of 2023 Predictions, Senior Product Marketing Manager Pavel Despot shares his thoughts on what will happen in the industry this new year.

In 2023, Despot predicts:

  • Cloud providers will become diversified.
  • Edge will become an increasingly important destination for a variety of workloads.
  • With more clouds and with different technologies fragmenting, the necessary developer skill sets will increase. Aside from Linux and networking, developers need to know how to configure the SaaS and code-free applications.

Looking at the challenges in 2023, Pavel says, companies will need:

  • People with skills specific to building out infrastructure, such as low-layer networking and OS virtualization.
  • More capacity, more power, more floor space, more bandwidth, more locations.

 This summary was written by Camille Gregory.

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