Diwo is a five-year-old startup in the decision intelligence space set on changing the paradigm of analytics output, which has traditionally been dashboards and spreadsheets. The company has created an artificial intelligence consumption layer on top of data science and data engineering that aims to deliver immediate business value to companies.

In this episode of TFiR Let’s Talk, Swapnil Bhartiya chats with David Collins, Chief Revenue Officer at Diwo, to discuss the company’s new Decision Intelligence (DI) Platform and how it aims to change decision intelligence. He takes a deep dive into the challenges companies are facing with deciphering the large amount of data and why decision intelligence is the way forward, particularly in such a fast-paced world.

Key highlights of this video interview are:

  • Diwo is a startup trying to solve the last mile of analytics problem. They have created an artificial intelligence consumption layer on top of data science and data engineering to deliver immediate business value. Collins goes into depth about the company and what it is offering.
  • The last mile of analytics refers to the gap between analytics output on one side and business value on the other. While we are spending a huge amount on storing data, the crux of the matter is how to unlock that business value. Collins explains how traditionally this has been handled with dashboards given to a human to decipher but Diwo takes a different approach. He explains how AI replaces the human aspect by correlating the insights against KPIs and metrics assigned to use cases and how it creates business value.
  • Diwo is announcing the availability of its artificial intelligence platform, which currently has seven patents and a further five pending in the area of contextual intelligence. Collins discusses how the contextual intelligence works to translate the insights from the ML models into natural language.
  • Collins tells us that the company is predominantly working with Fortune 1000, Global 2000-type companies. He describes the sort of challenges these companies are facing with decision intelligence. He explains how the AI works on particular use cases continually improving and getting smarter at delivering recommendations across those use cases.
  • Collins goes into detail about what sets their AI solution apart from other competitors, and how their company goes far beyond just a dashboard and rather provides recommendations to enable companies to generate business value. He explains how this sets them apart from traditional players as well as augmented intelligence players.
  • Supply chain has seen a lot of disruption over the last three years, particularly in the retail industry. Collins discusses how the company’s data-driven recommendations can help navigate these challenges while listing the other key industry use cases that can benefit.
  • There are potential economic problems that could hamper companies’ growth. Collins explains what effect these costs and economic implications are having on businesses and how an AI-driven decision intelligence platform can help. He discusses where dashboards and spreadsheets fall short in this area.
  • Talent shortage continues to be a challenge that will likely worsen. However, decision intelligence can greatly increase the efficiency of business users and analysts. Collins explains how the platform helps work through the variables so that you do not need highly experienced analysts to understand the intelligence and how this is bridging the skills shortage gap.
  • Collins shares what lies ahead for Diwo in the future. He discusses Adaptation Studio which allows customers to start customizing their screens and UI and how they will continue to grow that. He also gives us a teaser into the additional AI functionality they are aiming to deliver and what it aims to deliver.
  • Diwo needs partners to be able to help their customers with their data science requirements. Collins explains the importance of having partners to help them implement and how consultants can help engage with large corporations on high-value projects.

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The summary of the show is written by Emily Nicholls.

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