Docker has announced extended partnership with Tigera to provide networking support for Kubernetes on Windows in Docker Enterprise, the container platform for driving high-velocity application innovation from desktop to cloud.

Tigera’s Project Calico is an open source networking and security solution for containers and is currently the “batteries included” Kubernetes CNI plug-in and for Linux environments in Docker Enterprise, providing a secure networking and Network Policy option for enterprise users.

As part of this extended alliance, Project Calico will also be the networking and Network Policy default for Windows environments. The aim is to provide Windows admins and users with an enterprise-ready overlay networking option that enables seamless Windows and Linux network integration in the same cluster for deploying and managing Kubernetes clusters.

As an additional option in Docker Enterprise, Tigera Secure Enterprise Edition provides: Zero trust model – each workload establishes trust using multiple sources of identity and connections are authorized from layer 3 to 7 using a least privileges model. Traffic is encrypted and policies are evaluated at multiple points of the infrastructure providing defense in depth.

Moreover, monitors network flows and logs them along with Kubernetes context such as namespace, pod, and labels. Detects anomalies and attack methods while automatically blocking known malicious behavior. All data is sent to the SIEM to integrate into the security teams workflow.

The company will make available the Calico networking plugin for Windows in Docker Enterprise in 2H of 2019.

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