DoControl To Provide Modern Security Solution For Salesforce Customers


DoControl, the SaaS Security Platform (SSP), has announced its integration with Salesforce to provide a modern security solution for Salesforce customers. With this launch, DoControl extends its comprehensive SaaS Security solution to all prominent SaaS ecosystems including Google Workspace, Microsoft 365, Box, Dropbox, Slack, and now, Salesforce.

Instead of employing various platforms and services to defend against malicious actors, Salesforce users will now benefit from DoControl’s consolidated solution, providing them with a comprehensive array of tools to safeguard against an extensive range of threats. This unified approach boosts accessibility, streamlines security, and fortifies the resilience of the Salesforce ecosystem.

DoControl’s dynamic system operates in near-real time, ingesting user activity events to provide crucial context and visibility into users’ intentions and actions across applications. These events seamlessly integrate into various workflows, facilitating the detection, response, and mitigation of threat models pertaining to Salesforce. DoControl is equipped with pre-configured alerts and playbooks, ensuring swift identification and resolution of diverse security concerns, such as suspicious logins, data exports, admin role grants, sensitive reports access, abnormal API usage, and more.

The implementation of the field audit trail policies ensures meticulous preservation of historical field data, significantly impacting compliance standards, audit capabilities, and data retention practices. Incorporating platform encryption further fortifies the protection of sensitive data at rest, guaranteeing strict adherence to privacy policies, regulatory mandates, and contractual obligations. This multi-layered strategy establishes a comprehensive and robust data protection framework within the Salesforce environment.