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Domino Data Lab Deepens Alliance with Snowflake

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Domino Data Lab has announced a partnership with Snowflake, the Data Cloud Company. This enhanced integration between its two platforms is aimed at paving the way for joint customers to rapidly evolve from data-driven businesses to predictive, model-driven businesses, and maximize returns on data science investments.

A growing number of joint customers already use Domino data connectors to retrieve and write data between the Domino environment and Snowflake Data Cloud. Soon, they can use Snowflake’s Snowpark – a new developer experience – to build efficient and powerful pipelines in familiar constructs and using third-party libraries.

From Domino, users can execute MLOps workflows in Snowflake to leverage the platform’s performance, near-infinite scalability, and near-zero maintenance, at lower cost.

According to the company, the enhanced integration will enable data scientists to easily leverage the data and processing power directly within Snowflake’s Data Cloud without sacrificing productivity and security to transfer data between platforms.

Domino’s Enterprise MLOps platform provides self-service infrastructure so teams can develop and productionize models faster while IT can govern and manage data science infrastructure.

Customers currently have the Snowpark release in preview, and Java/Scala UDFs will be available for public preview very soon.