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Dremio AWS Edition Now Available


To help organizations fully utilize the potential of their data lakes, Dremio has launched a new offering, purpose-built for AWS, with two new technologies to support on-demand data lake insights and reduce cloud infrastructure costs.

Available in the new Dremio AWS Edition, elastic engines and parallel projects technologies are said to deliver deep automation, resource efficiency and elastic scale enhancements.

  • Highlights:
    Elastic engines enable data teams to configure any number of compute engines, each sized and tailored to the workload it supports and running inside customers’ own AWS accounts.
  • Elastic engines thus provides workload isolation which eliminates both under- and over-provisioning of compute resources, maximizing concurrency and performance while at the same time minimizing the required compute infrastructure.
  • Elastic engines are also dynamic, spinning up automatically only when needed to service queries and elastically spinning back down when queries stop.
  • Dremio AWS Edition enables multi-tenant instances via parallel projects with deep lifecycle automation.
  • Each instance contains all associated configuration, metadata, and data reflection details allowing for complete isolation and enabling business units to operate fully independently while also facilitating compliance.
  • Parallel projects also provide end-to-end lifecycle automation across deployment, configuration with best practices, and upgrades, all running in customers’ own AWS accounts.
  • This automation delivers a streamlined experience where data engineers and data analysts can deploy an optimized Dremio AWS Edition instance from scratch, start querying data in minutes, and effortlessly stay current with the latest Dremio features.

The new Dremio AWS Edition is now available in the AWS Marketplace.