Taking a step forward in obsoleting the cloud data warehouse, Dremio has launched its new Dart Initiative to help companies run an even greater range of SQL workloads, improving performance over previous versions by over 2x and reducing resource consumption.

Dremio is a service that sits between data lake storage and end users who want to directly query that data for high-performing dashboards and interactive analytics, without the need for copying data into data warehouses and the need for creating aggregation tables, extracts, cubes and other derivatives. Dremio simplifies the data architecture, accelerates query performance, and enables data democratization without the vendor lock-in of cloud data warehouses.

Dremio’s Dart Initiative is a continuous improvement, high customer impact approach that leapfrogs the cloud data warehouse.

“Delivering warehouse-grade performance directly on data lakes is a key element in enabling companies to adopt an open data architecture,” said Tomer Shiran, founder and chief product officer at Dremio.

“We’re also very excited about the innovations within the Data Tier itself. We have table formats like Apache Iceberg, which enable multiple engines to work together on the same data in a transactionally consistent manner within the data lake. We also have projects like Project Nessie, which brings Git-like semantics to the data lake, dramatically accelerating the agility of data engineering, data science and analytics,” Shiran added.

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