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Dutch Startup Red Kubes Announces New ‘Workloads’ Feature For Developers


Dutch startup Red Kubes, the creators of the Kubernetes-based production ready platform Otomi, has announced their new ‘Workloads’ feature. Next to the workloads feature Red Kubes also announced the introduction of Otomi Cloud along with a new Console.

The Workloads feature enables the definition of applications as code within Otomi, where users can input their application configuration (like the image to deploy) and then Otomi automatically installs the application. Any modifications made to the application configuration are stored in the Git repository and monitored by the continuous delivery controller. By utilizing this feature, it becomes possible to define customer applications as code, which then facilitates the ability to define the entire platform as code.

This saves time for developers to focus more on application codes and ship products, instead of dealing with Kubernetes internals. The feature could save developers up to one day per workload deployed to Kubernetes.

The ‘Workloads’ feature includes:
● Improved integrity and security by employing application as code strategy
● Faster Kubernetes adoption
● Increased productivity for developers
● Reduced cognitive load for developers deploying apps to Kubernetes
● Reduced operating costs