Dynatrace has extended the Dynatrace platform’s release validation capabilities to automatically deliver user experience validation and user experience assurance (UXA) at every stage of the software development lifecycle (SDLC).

By automatically incorporating user experience insights – including application availability, performance, and feature engagement – the Dynatrace platform allows DevOps and SRE teams to continuously evaluate their applications against specific, measurable, and achievable service level objectives (SLOs). This empowers teams to automatically improve software quality and resiliency at any scale with significantly less manual effort.

These enhancements to the Dynatrace platform leverage data from simulated software testing processes that mimic real user engagement and end-to-end transactions. Davis, the AI engine at the platform’s core, automatically combines these test results with additional, comprehensive observability data to deliver instant and precise answers about users’ interactions with applications.

Dynatrace plans to make these capabilities generally available within 90 days of this announcement.

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