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Dynatrace Expands Grail Data Lakehouse To Power Observability And Security Analytics


Software intelligence company Dynatrace is extending its platform’s Grail data lakehouse beyond logs and business events to deliver new support for metrics, distributed traces, and multicloud topology and dependencies. This expands Grail’s ability to store, process, and analyze the enormous volume and variety of data from modern cloud ecosystems while retaining its context and without having to structure or rehydrate it.

The company also introduced a new user experience for its Software Intelligence Platform, featuring powerful dashboarding capabilities and a visual interface to help drive tighter collaboration between development and business teams. This UX powers Dynatrace Notebooks, a new interactive document capability that allows IT, development, security, and business teams to collaborate using code, text, and rich media to build, evaluate, and share insights from exploratory, causal-AI-based analytics projects.

As the company puts it, these new capabilities add AI-powered graph analytics for custom queries to the powerful analytics that are already available out of the box with the Dynatrace platform. This delivers instant and precise answers for an unlimited array of BizDevSecOps use cases.

The new Dynatrace user experience, notebook capabilities, and Dynatrace Grail support for metrics and Dynatrace Smartscape topology and dependency mapping will be available within 90 days of this announcement. Grail support for Dynatrace PurePath distributed traces will be available for early adopters within 90 days of this announcement.