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Dynatrace Extends Its Intelligent Observability To All Serverless Architectures


Dynatrace has extended the Dynatrace platform’s broad and deep observability and advanced AIOps capabilities to all major serverless architectures. In addition to existing support for AWS Lambda, this includes Microsoft Azure Functions, Google Cloud Functions, as well as managed Kubernetes environments, messaging queues, and cloud databases across all major cloud providers.

As a result, DevOps, and site reliability engineering (SRE) teams can automatically analyze, troubleshoot, and optimize serverless applications to drive innovation at scale.

Dynatrace said it is also delivering software intelligence, including broad and deep observability, application security, and advanced AIOps capabilities, as code. This enables developers who are adopting everything-as-code practices to easily incorporate software intelligence capabilities into their applications. As a result, they can automate the orchestration of all resources across the software development lifecycle that are required to deliver cloud-native applications and infrastructure at scale.

In addition, developers can ensure their applications achieve standards and service level objectives (SLOs) for critical metrics, including performance, quality, and security, or automatically initiate corrective action when these standards are not met.

These enhancements to Dynatrace will be generally available to customers within the next 90 days.