Dynatrace has announced Security Analytics, its new platform solution designed to help organizations better defend against threats to their hybrid and multicloud environments. Dynatrace Security Analytics leverages Davis AI, which combines predictive and causal AI techniques to provide security analysts with the precise answers and data context they need to prioritize and investigate threats and vulnerabilities.

Later this year, Security Analytics will also include generative AI capabilities as part of Dynatrace’s planned expansion to provide a hypermodal AI offering through Davis.

In addition, Security Analytics now leverages Dynatrace AutomationEngine to create automations and workflows that analysts can use to assess the impact of an attack, find the indicators of compromise (IOCs), or automatically trigger a response. Combining Davis hypermodal AI, precise answers with context, and intelligent automation empowers security analysts to defend against emerging cyber threats proactively. It also bolsters their organization’s cybersecurity defense and overall security posture.

Furthermore, Security Analytics adds to other Dynatrace application security capabilities, including Runtime vulnerability analytics, which provides real-time detection and prioritization of vulnerabilities that have escaped into production environments, as well as Runtime application protection, which detects and blocks common application attacks, like SQL injection, command injection, and JNDI attacks.

Dynatrace Security Analytics is now available to customers.

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