Dynatrace has enhanced its analytics capabilities for modern multicloud environments by unifying its AI-powered log analytics with its digital experience monitoring (DEM) capabilities, including Session Replay. This latest enhancement to the Dynatrace platform enables development teams to automatically gain deeper insights into specific user journeys by connecting logs to the user sessions that generated them.

According to the company, this additional context allows teams to use the platform’s DEM capabilities to analyze relevant user sessions and behavior and playback the actions of any user journey via Session Replay to gain contextualized insights that detail how to optimize the user experience.

Dynatrace Session Replay transforms how development teams approach enhancing the digital experience by empowering them with high-definition video replays of any click, tap, or swipe so they can implement optimizations in-line with customer expectations.

Front and back-end development teams that have historically worked in silos, manually trying to match log events with their corresponding user sessions, will now benefit from having this data linked automatically. This enables them to collaborate more effectively and reduces their reliance on manual processes. As a result, these teams can now allocate more time to driving innovation and delivering better-quality software faster.

The enhancement to the Dynatrace platform is currently available to all Dynatrace customers.

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