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When Google recently introduced kf, James Hunt,  Director of R&D at Stark & Wayne, referred to it as the Kubernetesfied version of Cloud Foundry Command Line Interface (cfCLI) utility. If you have 20,000 plus apps instances running on Cloud Foundry, you can’t just lift and shift them over into Kubernetes. “With kf, Google is offering the ‘kf push’ option to get the pods you need,” said Hunt. It’s also an acknowledgment of how powerful the whole ‘cf-push’ experience is.

In this discussion, we talked about the fate of kf (link) — is it a placeholder or is there a long-term plan for the project? We also did a comparative analysis of similar projects such as CF4k82 and KubeCF. I wondered if this is just a transitional project or it will evolve into a long-term bridge between CF and Kubernetes. In addition to addressing some of these questions of mine, Hunt also touched on the adoption of ‘kf’ and in what capacity is Stark & Wayne involved with the project.

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