The Eclipse Foundation has announced the formal establishment of the Adoptium Working Group in collaboration with the AdoptOpenJDK Technical Steering Committee.

With this announcement, the Eclipse Foundation is bringing its vendor-neutral governance framework in support of the Eclipse Adoptium top-level project, which is based on the work previously done under the AdoptOpenJDK organization.

Adoptium is founded by multiple participants, including many Java developers and vendors such as Alibaba Cloud, Huawei, IBM, iJUG, Karakun AG, Microsoft, New Relic, and Red Hat. The Adoptium Working Group will provide the Java ecosystem with fully compatible, high-quality distributions of Java runtimes based on OpenJDK source code.

The Adoptium Working Group (WG) complements the Eclipse Adoptium project, which provides a trusted location where developers and enterprises can download compatible binaries of OpenJDK builds.

The goal of the Adoptium WG is to provide the infrastructure, marketing, community building, and developer advocacy work needed to continue to ensure timely releases to the community and further the adoption of Eclipse Adoptium.

This new open source working group was only possible through the negotiation of the OpenJDK Community TCK License Agreement (OCTLA) with Oracle, the steward of OpenJDK, the Java Community Process, and the Java compatibility brand. Under the terms of this agreement, Adoptium will run compatibility tests to ensure conformance to the Java specification.

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