Edge Compute And IoT Providers Get NetFoundry’s Low Latency Networking


NetFoundry has launched software-only Edge Embedded Networking to empower IoT and edge providers to more easily and securely manage edge computing and IoT, across all their customers and edges.

The solution is said to enable low latency, micro-segmented networking for edge and IoT apps, and is easily integrated with leading app, solution and edge compute providers as part of turnkey solutions.

Most data will be processed at the edge, and when data needs to be processed in the cloud, it uses the same cloud orchestrated networking solution. NetFoundry’s platform and NaaS services are integrated with solutions such as Azure, Azure Virtual WAN, AWS and Digital Ocean, making it simple to connect from edge to cloud.

Better edge compute and emerging private 5G networking, coupled with advances in edge compute are enabling businesses to benefit from: Cost saving solutions such as predictive maintenance, asset management, energy reduction, warehouse automation and surveillance, and also Quality improvements and innovation, often enabled by edge compute ML and AI, including real-time voice interaction systems, AIoT video inferencing, autonomous vehicles, metro-scale IoT and Augmented Reality (AR).