Egnyte, the secure multi-cloud platform for content security and governance, has announced several new AI-powered solutions being natively integrated into the Egnyte platform. The latest generative AI models can help Egnyte customers find and summarize information contained in their company’s documents and media files, without having to physically move any of their content, which could violate corporate policies and put their data at risk.

Through a simple, chat-based interface, everyday business users will be able to ask Egnyte’s AI to answer questions and perform tasks related to the files they have been granted access to on Egnyte’s platform.

The AI can perform tasks such as:

  • Generating summaries of large complex documents
  • Creating text-based transcripts of audio and video files
  • Finding photos within your image library containing a particular object

The solution leverages Egnyte’s content governance framework and private instances of various AI models to ensure both the source data and AI-generated responses adhere to each company’s security and compliance policies.

Access to Egnyte’s generative AI-powered solutions is currently being offered in limited availability to select customers. The company plans to announce a wider roll-out schedule, including additional AI-powered applications, upon general availability at a later date.

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