EnterpriseDB has announced the immediate global availability of EDB Tools and Extensions Release for PostgreSQL 15 (EDB PG 15), which makes it easier for enterprises to deploy Postgres as their enterprise database standard. With the largest number of new extensions and tools ever, this release helps enterprises build new modern applications using the latest version of PostgreSQL 15.1, and is backed by EDB’s support. The announcement comes ahead of EDB’s next major release in Q1 2023, which will include Transparent Data Encryption (TDE), a highly requested feature that will significantly enhance security.

EDB’s latest innovations instill further confidence in enterprises looking to replace their legacy systems and make the move to Postgres. With EDB PG 15, EDB supports PostgreSQL 15.1 wherever enterprises want to deploy, whether on-premises, in the cloud, self-managed or fully managed with EDB BigAnimal, EDB’s fully managed database-as-a-service. The release also supports EDB Postgres for Kubernetes, which leverages CloudNativePG for speed, efficiency and protection for infrastructure modernization.

Highlights of the EDB PG 15 release include: EDB Advanced Storage Pack enables enterprises with faster access to clustered data as well as increased performance and scalability for foreign key relationships. EDB Postgres Tuner increases performance for users by automating 15+ years of EDB Postgres tuning expertise. EDB LDAP Sync simplifies LDAP support for enterprises by eliminating the need to manage users in two places: Database and LDAP.

Following this release, customers can expect EDB Postgres Advanced Server (EPAS) and EDB Postgres Distributed to launch in early 2023.

EDB also plans to introduce TDE early next year. This feature greatly enhances data security by encrypting data at the database level, giving full control to the DBAs.

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