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Equinix Expands Its Kubernetes Ecosystem To Help Global Businesses Move Faster Across Clouds


Equinix has expanded its neutral ecosystem of technologies and partner solutions that support the deployment, management and operations of Kubernetes on Equinix Metal. By expanding support for Kubernetes solutions from leading providers on Equinix Metal, Equinix is making it easier for its more than 10,000 customers to move applications to the edge and closer to the clouds, users, networks and partners that matter most to their business.

With fully documented and tested partner solutions by Elastic Kubernetes Service (EKS) Anywhere, Google Cloud’s Anthos, Mirantis Container Cloud, SUSE Rancher and K3s, Canonical Kubernetes, IBM Cloud Satellite, Platform9, Rafay and others now available on Equinix Metal, global businesses have both the choice and the stability required to create advantage with their digital infrastructure.

To make it easier for companies to run Kubernetes on bare metal and extend their hybrid cloud options, Equinix is continuing to pursue a neutral, partner-first strategy by integrating a variety of solutions from leading Kubernetes providers with Equinix Metal.

Key activities powering the expanded ecosystem of Kubernetes solutions available on Equinix Metal include:

  • Equinix Metal included as a launch partner solution for Amazon EKS Anywhere in September 2021. Amazon EKS Anywhere can currently run on VMware vSphere, with support for bare metal expected in 2022.
  • Mirantis Container Cloud updated in August 2021 to include Equinix Metal as a default deployment option.
  • SUSE Rancher 2.6 announced September 2021 includes an updated UI and powerful new features, including an updated provider for Equinix Metal and associated technical guide.