Digital Infrastructure Company Equinix has tripled its investment in the cloud native community with an expanded commitment to the Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) Community Infrastructure Lab (CIL).

Innovators from throughout the CNCF community can now access up to $1 million of on-demand infrastructure resources per year across Equinix’s global footprint.

With a focus on building ecosystems and providing interconnected digital infrastructure, Equinix Metal provides a neutral, open environment for cloud native development. Equinix Metal does not impose multitenancy, virtualization or an overlay network by default. It enables users to bring the tooling of their choice and to accurately develop for hybrid and edge environments.

The CIL was established in 2017 by Packet (acquired by Equinix in March 2020) with an initial monthly commitment of free bare metal infrastructure for open source and community projects.

Since its founding, the Lab has provided short- and long-term resources to dozens of well-known open source community projects, including Longhorn, CoreDNS, Fluentd, Linkerd, Prometheus and Falco.

CIL participants can leverage all Equinix Metal features, including both x86 (Intel and AMD) and Arm (Ampere) infrastructure.

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