Paragon Software has launched the updated Microsoft exFAT by Paragon Software driver with transparent read and write access to exFAT volumes from Linux. The solution is said to offer additional performance optimization for modern Linux kernels and lower CPU memory consumption as well.

The Android/Linux exFAT driver comes with additional tools. These include “mkexfat” exFAT formatting tool, “chkexat” exFAT file system check/repair tool, fsutil – a partial analogue of the Windows “fsutil”, and integration package for Android OEMs for quick integration of Paragon’s driver and utilities into the assembly of the Android image.

Paragon’s exFAT is officially covered by Microsoft patent rights and is available for direct implementation to OEMs, ODMs and independent software vendors for integration into devices and antivirus, forensic and data recovery solutions without the need to obtain Microsoft licensing.

Paragon exFAT driver is based on the company’s proprietary File System Link (formerly, UFSD) cross-platform technology. It enables any device to communicate and gain access to storage media regardless of file system type.

The technology can be purchased as an SDK library that can be embedded in any application. There are also options for cross-platform SDK in C and Android-specific uses in Java.

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