Expeto, which simplifies enterprise networking over private and public mobile networks, has announced a $12M Series B funding round led by Sorenson Capital. The round included existing investors Evok Innovations, Lavrock Ventures and Mistral Venture Partners. Additional new investors included 5G Open Innovation Lab and Samsung Next. Expeto has raised over $20M total financing to date and will use funds from the Series B to accelerate innovation and expand go-to-market programs.

The news follows global deployments in support of mission critical use cases where Expeto’s cloud-based NeXtworking platform solves mobile complexity for enterprises by making any kind of mobile connectivity (CBRS, MNO-provided LTE, 5G, etc.) a seamless part of a privately managed network.

Cellular in all flavors has the potential to power robust private wireless network use cases across industries. But end-to-end solutions targeting the enterprise tend to be limited by factors like connectivity type (e.g., CBRS-only), a certain wireless spectrum or a particular geographic area. IT teams that maintain these networks typically have to manage them separately from primary networks, relying on MNO support portals to request manual QoS or security changes and updates that can take weeks or longer to be addressed.

Expeto overcomes these market shortcomings by making it simple for enterprises to seamlessly extend private networks via any type of cellular connectivity with single-SIM mobility between public and private instances of the network. Rather than struggle to manage this mobile connectivity with legacy telco tools that require LTE/5G user expertise, enterprises get an IT-centric portal purpose-built for enterprise agility and speed.

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