Extreme Networks has introduced the Extreme 9000 series, featuring the Extreme 9920 intelligent network visibility platform. With greater power efficiency and a smaller physical footprint, the 9000 series is ideally suited for service provider and large enterprise deployments.

According to the company, the Extreme 9920 is built with cloud-native design principles and a composable data pipeline to provide highly scalable traffic aggregation, packet filtering, replication, and advanced network packet processing for analytics tools in distributed network environments.

The platform delivers detailed data insights and provides the flexibility to adapt for future network enhancements so service providers can quickly respond to new user demands and 5G use cases.

The 9920’s composable packet broker service delivers a hierarchical packet management architecture, enabling customers to adapt for diverse and developing mobile edge use cases and giving them the ability to scale for environments including large data centers and cloud architectures.

The network visibility platform leverages a microservices-based composable operating system. The containerized, Kubernetes-based clustered architecture can also be patched without service interruption, maintaining network reliability, and reducing operational risk.

The Extreme 9920 is based on the Intel Tofino 2 programmable ASIC, providing a massively scalable architecture that easily integrates with existing service provider environments and can quickly adapt to new use cases.

The Extreme 9920 will be generally available in June 2021.

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