At the recently held NGINX Conf in Seattle, F5 Networks introduced several new solutions to help DevOps, NetOps, and SecOps teams better collaborate in delivering modern applications. The theme of this year’s NGINX Conf is ‘Level Up’.

Along with the upcoming HTTP/3 capabilities in NGINX Open Source, the company showcased enhanced proxying and network capabilities in the NGINX Unit application server.

The NGINX Application Platform is a suite of application delivery, application server, and API management technologies. It helps customers accelerate DevOps investments and expand the use of cloud, containers, and microservices. Now part of F5, NGINX resources have been infused with over 150 additional product development employees—the combination of F5 resources and new hires.

At the event, NGINX announced four new versions of NGINX Open Source-based products, all designed to further consolidate 13 discrete tools into a single, programmable software platform that includes: improved security and observability capabilities in NGINX Plus, new developer portal and API importing in the NGINX Controller API Management Module, and added custom resource definitions (CRDs) in NGINX Kubernetes Ingress Controller.

Arm also joined hands with NGINX to showcase how companies can benefit from cost and power efficiencies with Arm Neoverse-based solutions for a range of applications, running on Amazon EC2 A1 instances in the AWS Cloud.

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