If a recent job listing by Facebook is anything to go by, the “Enterprise Editions” of Oculus Go and Quest are in the works and will be launched “in 2019”.

Spotted by Variety, the job listing was published last week.

The listing spells out the following responsibilities for the role of Software Engineer, Oculus Shell:
• Design and develop enterprise features into Oculus mobile VR system applications
• Design and develop VR frameworks to enable enterprise use cases such as corporate training
• Ensure security and privacy concerns remain a top priority and are identified and addressed
• Work with external developers innovating on future-of-work experiences

This effort is said to encompass everything from “hardware integrations, software platforms, enterprise-developer ecosystems and SDKs, SLAs, and more.”

Oculus Go is currently available to businesses through the company’s Oculus For Business program. But it is yet to be tailored for enterprise use.

Enterprise editions of Go and Quest will be launched under the company’s existing business offerings, the report further added.

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