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Fairwinds Insights 3.0 Enhances Kubernetes Resource Monitoring


Fairwinds has announced Fairwinds Insights 3.0, the company’s platform for continuous Kubernetes security monitoring and governance.

Fairwinds Insights bridges the gap between security, development and operations teams and covers the entire development/deployment lifecycle by helping users visualize, navigate and triage security, efficiency and reliability data from within their Kubernetes clusters.

With the latest version, Fairwinds Insights is now integrated with the Prometheus Collector. The software gathers fine-grained resource usage data and generates a report that can be used to gauge how much different workloads cost, understand cost trends, and help set resource requests and limits.

Fairwinds Insights now allows users to automatically triage Kubernetes misconfiguration alerts produced by Fairwinds Insights based on certain rules.

Open Policy Agent (OPA) Policy UI allows users to view and manage policies for quicker time-to value with OPA policies.

Also, Fairwinds Insights 3.0 includes Re-imagined NavBar which organizes information hierarchy vertically, making it easier for users to switch and navigate between contexts, and allows Fairwinds to grow Insights features over time.