Fairwinds has announced the Kubernetes Maturity Model to guide organizations along their Kubernetes journey to secure the best possible technical and business outcomes.

The Kubernetes Maturity Model is made up of seven distinctive phases, from preparation through optimization and automation.

It helps development teams self-identify their current phase, understand gaps in their environment and gain insights into enhancing and improving Kubernetes as they move forward.

Fairwinds said it created the Kubernetes Maturity Model because, while the orchestration platform offers many benefits, it can be complicated for development teams to use, both as they get started with cloud native technologies and as they grow their reliance on Kubernetes.

With adoption rates skyrocketing, it is more important than ever that organizations fully understand how to successfully utilize Kubernetes from the earliest stage through the most complex deployments.

Fairwinds said it has helped hundreds of customers with their Kubernetes infrastructure over the past five years.

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