Tecton has announced Feast 0.10, the first feature store that can be deployed locally in minutes without dedicated infrastructure. The new release makes it possible for data scientists to reap the benefits of a functionally complete feature store with no infrastructure overhead or maintenance.

Feast is an open source feature store that helps you serve features in production. Until today, feature stores have not been lightweight or flexible enough to address the needs of individual data scientists and small data teams.

Feast 0.10 is delivered as a Python software development kit (SDK) that can be deployed locally in minutes. Furthermore, Feast 0.10 is modular and integrates with existing data stacks, eliminating the burden and requirement of deploying and maintaining dedicated infrastructure.

Feast has seen strong adoption to date with more than 1,700 GitHub stars and contributions from Agoda, Cimpress, Farfetch, Google Cloud, Tecton and Zulily.

Pienaar and Mike Del Balso, co-founder and CEO of Tecton, will be giving a live demo of Feast 0.10 and speaking about their shared vision for the future of operational ML at apply(): the ML Data Engineering Conference on April 21 and 22.

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