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Fedora Linux 35 Beta Now Available


The Fedora Project has announced the release of Fedora Linux 35 Beta, which includes updates spanning the Linux kernel to the desktop experience.

Fedora Workstation 35 comes with improved NVIDIA support under Wayland. This adds support for NVIDIA with XWayland, which means users who want to run applications that don’t have native Wayland support can still benefit from 3D support under NVIDIA drivers.

The latest release also makes it easier to install a selection of third-party software via Flathub. This means installing apps like Zoom, Minecraft or Bitwarden and other popular applications available via Flathub will show up right in GNOME Software.

GNOME, of course, gets an update with Fedora 35, and users will get GNOME 41 with Fedora Workstation. “We’ll have a longer look at the Fedora Workstation 35 experience with the final release, but look for changes to multitasking in GNOME along with a new remote desktop client, a Mobile Settings panel to manage mobile network connections and a number of performance enhancements,” Red Hat’s Joe Brockmeier said in a blog post.

GNOME 41 comes with a redesigned Software application that makes it easier for users to find and install the tools they require.

With recent changes in public cloud widely accepting the use of UEFI boot, it would be consistent to add hybrid boot in support of both unifying the legacy (BIOS) and UEFI boot to the Fedora Linux cloud base images.

Fedora 35 also brings firewalld 1.0.0, LLVM 13, a GNU toolchain update, Python 3.10 and many others.