storage celler

Fermyon Technologies, the serverless WebAssembly company, has introduced instantly available key-value storage for serverless functions with free 1,000 database records at 1MB each. Spin, the popular open source product that is the easiest way for developers to build WebAssembly serverless apps, added local key-value storage in version 1.0 and now developers can instantly utilize key-value capability in a serverless runtime on Fermyon Cloud, which is also free.

Fermyon Cloud is a hosted serverless platform that can start up Spin applications in less than a millisecond, caching and optimizing applications as it loads them, providing supersonic performance for each individual application. Developers can deploy applications nearly instantaneously, testing them in seconds. Time is no longer wasted waiting for cloud services to be provisioned and brought online.

With Fermyon key-value storage, when one request stores a value, any other request can instantly retrieve, update or delete the value. This solves one of the serverless developer’s first and most vexing problems: how and where to store data, thus creating greater developer productivity and satisfaction.

The addition of kev-value storage moves Fermyon Cloud well beyond hosting stateless serverless apps into hosting most full stack application use cases.

Fermyon will be demonstrating this new capability this week at KubeCon + CloudNativeCon Europe.

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