Fiberplane has announced Autometrics, a powerful set of open source libraries that enables developers to take advantage of an underutilized but powerful tool in the observability stack – metrics.

Fiberplane’s Autometrics makes understanding production systems easier and more fun for developers by bringing the data into their Integrated Development Environments (IDEs) where they feel most comfortable. Developers’ mental models of their systems are based around their code, so Autometrics and metrics tied to individual functions make it easy to jump from code to production data.

Autometrics also ensures that once developers query their data they can be confident that they are looking at the right information. Existing observability tools run the query developers manually write and then generate a graph that often creates more confusion, with developers left guessing about what they’re looking at and if it even answers the question they sought to answer. Fiberplane’s Autometrics takes care of this by writing the most common / useful queries for you.

Autometrics leverages popular efforts like OpenTelemetry and Prometheus, while providing a unique and more developer-focused approach and new dashboard that provides an overview of the live state of the system.

Other benefits include:

  • Enables developers to more easily track the error rate, response time and latency of any function
  • Automatically writes (PromQL) queries for developers so they can understand the data generated without having to hand-write complex queries
  • Inserts links to the live charts directly into each function’s document comments so developers can jump straight from looking at their code (where they feel most comfortable) to looking at the realtime data for that function
  • Enables developers to more easily use best practices for Service-Level Objectives (SLOs) to define useful alerts

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