Ternary, the FinOps platform for Google Cloud Platform (GCP), has announced rapid adoption of its platform now being used to manage over nearly $7 billion in cloud spend for Google’s largest enterprise customers each spending upwards of $200 million annually.

Additionally, Ternary launched new capabilities to help customers optimize the unit economics of cloud spend with support for Cloud SQL, Multicloud Carbon Footprint Optimization equating cloud spend to carbon usage and a Cost Takeout Tool to automatically generate price comparisons between providers.

Ternary’s expanded support for Cloud SQL provides granular visibility cloud administrators need to better manage usage, how resources are allocated and identify opportunities to rightsize.

While cloud services are more energy efficient than physical data center build outs, they are still a driver of carbon emissions, responsible for an estimated 1.8% of US electricity consumption. Ternary’s new Carbon Footprint Optimizer equates cloud spend with carbon usage, visualizing carbon emissions and cloud usage and providing recommendations on how to reduce costs.

Cloud cost comparisons are a time-consuming and painstaking task that take weeks of analyst time to manually convert 100’s of 1000’s of SKUs. Ternary’s Cost Takeout Tool automates the process, delivering a breakout of costs and what they would be on GCP in a matter of minutes versus days.

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