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Flux Graduates From The CNCF Incubator


The Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF), which builds sustainable ecosystems for cloud native software, announced that the Flux project has graduated. Flux is a set of continuous and progressive delivery solutions for Kubernetes that are open and extensible, enabling GitOps and progressive delivery for developers and infrastructure teams. It is the 18th CNCF project to graduate.

Flux is multitenant, multicluster, and multicloud, and natively supports Kustomize, Helm, and HashiCorp Vault. Global corporations rely on Flux’s enterprise-level security and scale, including its support of Open Container Initiative (OCI) and Cosign for verification. Similarly, providers like AWS, D2iQ, Microsoft, Red Hat, VMware, and Weaveworks trust Flux to deliver GitOps to their own enterprise customers.

Since joining the CNCF Incubator in March 2021, Flux and its subproject, Flagger’s commitment to governance and an inclusive community has resulted in a 200-500% growth of its user base, integrations, software usage, user engagement, contributions, and more.

The Flux community is collaborating to get Flux to GA, continue to build core features, build more integrations, and provide the best community support together. The community is particularly excited about Flux’s extensibility, which allows for swift development of popular integrations such as with Terraform and Visual Studio Code.

To officially graduate from incubating status, Flux demonstrated advanced security, rapidly growing adoption, an open governance process, and impressive design. The project also received a Core Infrastructure Initiative Best Practices Badge and went through a third-party security review last year.