Foretrace, a data leak and exposure management company, has announced the release of a generative AI analyst called Tim to provide real-time recommendations and guidance to assist in the investigation of and response to data exposure detected by Foretrace.

Foretrace uses patent-pending adversarial reconnaissance techniques to provide security teams with an early warning system by alerting them to exposed data that could result in data breaches or compliance failures. Tim uses generative AI trained against real scenarios, with a feedback loop to ensure current and accurate recommendations. With the ongoing shortage of skilled cyber security professionals and staff reductions across the industry, generative AI provides a solution to reduce the high workload of existing security staff and make their results more accurate and predictable.

“Generative AI technology enables us to combine the skills and knowledge of the human analyst with artificial intelligence to better respond to data exposure and prevent costly data breaches”, said Nick Ascoli, Founder and CEO of Foretrace. “Tim will augment the human analyst in the SOC and deliver better outcomes for our customers.”

“Tim automates repetitive and tedious tasks associated with the early phase of an investigation, providing instant, targeted recommendations that can be actioned immediately. This reduces response time and makes the analyst more efficient and accurate,” said Ascoli.

Tim is now available for all Foretrace customers, at no additional charge.

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