Open 5G company FreedomFi has announced that the FreedomFi Gateway is now available in public beta.

FreedomFi Gateway is a commodity, x86 network appliance. It is claimed to offer an affordable path for users to build their own Private LTE or 5G network using open source software and small cell radios.

FreedomFi offers a couple of options for people to get started with open source private cellular through their website and pledges that all proceeds will be reinvested towards building open source software code as part of the Magma project.

The beta edition of the FreedomFi Gateway is now available to open source project sponsors for $300.

Sponsors contributing $300 towards the project will receive a beta FreedomFi gateway and limited, free access to CBRS spectrum.

Those contributing at $1,000 dollars, will get support with a “network up” guarantee, offering FreedomFi guidance over a series of Zoom sessions. The guarantee is that FreedomFi will not give up until there is a connection.

FreedomFi will be demonstrating an end-to-end private cellular network deployment during their upcoming keynote at the Open Infrastructure Summit.

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