Freshworks is using AWS as its preferred machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI) provider. Using Amazon SageMaker, Freshworks trained 33,000 models to deliver more personalized customer service and support to 11,000 customers.

Freshworks, valued at over $3.5 Billion, counts more than 40,000 businesses in 126 countries among its customers. Freshworks said it is building additional functionality using AWS’ suite of ML services to help its customers receive faster and more personalized customer support, as well as improve their sales forecasting and sales lead scoring.

The models help Freshworks provide an improved customer experience by automatically categorizing, prioritizing, and assigning customer support requests. Since adopting SageMaker, nearly 60% of Freshworks’ customers have experienced faster responses to support issues.

By using AWS services, Freshworks said it has reduced training time for these models from 27 hours to 33 minutes, and accelerated the deployment process from three weeks to one. This enabled the company to scale the number of models used to deliver improved customer support experiences for businesses of all sizes across multiple verticals.

Freshworks also plans to use insights from SageMaker in its cloud-based sales customer relationship management (CRM) solution, Freshsales.

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