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Fujitsu Kozuchi AI Platform Helps Streamline Access To AI And ML Solutions


Fujitsu recently unveiled a new platform, Fujitsu Kozuchi (code name) – Fujitsu AI Platform, delivering access to a range of powerful AI and ML technologies to commercial users globally.

The new platform enables customers from a wide range of industries including manufacturing, retail, finance, and healthcare to accelerate the testing and deployment of advanced AI technologies for the unique business challenges they face with a portfolio of tools and software components based on Fujitsu’s advanced AI technologies. The platform features best-of-breed tools including Fujitsu AutoML solution for automated generation of machine learning models, Fujitsu AI Ethics for Fairness for testing the fairness of AI models, Fujitsu’s AI for causal discovery and Fujitsu Wide Learning to simulate scientific discovery processes, as well as streamlined access to open-source software (OSS) and AI technologies from partner companies.

Leveraging the expertise and feedback of various stakeholders including developers and users of AI, the new platform aims to ensure the reliability of AI solutions to accelerate social implementation of AI solutions and contribute to the realization of a sustainable society.

Fujitsu will start offering tools including AI innovation components and AI core engines via the new platform to global users starting April 20, 2023.

Moving forward, Fujitsu plans to add new AI innovation components and AI core engines for areas including smart factories, smart stores and smart cities, as well as finance and healthcare. Fujitsu will further promote open innovation with customers and partners from a wide range of industries, starting with a joint project with The Linux Foundation, an open-source community, to enhance AI innovation components and AI core engines in cooperation with the global developer community.