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GitHub Streamlines Codespaces Experience With Improved Support For Multi-Repository, Monorepo Projects


GitHub is announcing new improvements to help streamline the Codespaces experience for multi-repository and monorepo projects. Codespaces are instant cloud-powered development environments that aim at maximizing your productivity by eliminating set-up times regardless of the type, size, and complexity of your projects.

With the new features, larger organizations can look forward to have a smoother experience as they onboard and scale with Codespaces. Repository administrators can create multiple devcontainers, each with permission sets, setup scripts, and a codespace configuration specific for certain teams.

Moreoover, developers will be able to select the ideal devcontainer, machine type, and region during codespace creation with the advanced creation flow as needed.

GitHub wrote in a blog post, “With our initial release, we wanted to address the most common type of projects hosted on GitHub: cloud-native applications housed in a singular repository. As organization adoption began to scale, we quickly realized we needed to support additional types of projects that required extensive workarounds.”