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Gitlab’s Acquisition Strategy Revealed


GitLab has a unique approach to acquisitions. Unlike the secrecy that most modern companies adopt (who knew IBM was going to acquire Red Hat?), GitLab’s entire acquisition strategy is available publicly. In this panel discussion, three GitLab team members discuss the company’s approach to acquisition.

Andrew Newdigate – Distinguished Engineer, Infrastructure – GitLab
Mark Pundsack – VP of Product Strategy – GitLab
Eliran Mesika – Director Of Partnerships – GitLab

Topics we covered:
00:01:43 Acquisitions are taboo topics
00:02:09 Do things get easier if everything is discussed publicly?
00:02:40 The process of acquisition at GitLab explained
00:04:13 Acquisitions are more about people than technology
00:04:26 Why Most acquisitions fail
00:07:06 Everything is open
00:08:20 Value of having an open roadmap
00:10:21 Product strategy of GitLab
00:18:43 Tips for prospective acquisition
00:22:48 Message to companies