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Gitpod, JetBrains Announce Technical Integration Between Their Platforms


Gitpod, the open source platform for automated developer environments, together with JetBrains, the company that created an extended family of integrated development environments (IDE) for multiple programming languages, have announced a long-term partnership, as well as a deep, technical integration between their platforms. Specifically, they have enabled JetBrains’ popular desktop IDEs to leverage the automated, cloud-based developer environments provisioned by Gitpod.

With this native integration with Gitpod professional software developers can, for the first time, seamlessly connect ephemeral developer environments provisioned by Gitpod to their favorite desktop IDE from JetBrains. This integration brings the power of the cloud including all developer experience, security, and collaboration benefits to the famous programming language intelligence and tooling smartness.

The powerful productivity benefits of cloud-based, remote development, together with the realities of today’s hybrid work environment, push remote development and automated development practices to the forefront for software teams around the world.

With this integration, the JetBrains Gateway tool provides built-in functionality to connect to developer environments running in the cloud via Gitpod’s native integration into Gateway.