Gluware has announced its next-generation, cloud-delivered intent-based network automation platform called Gluware 4.0.

Gluware 4.0 introduces an expanded feature set and customization to help any sized network team automate the management, maintenance, and security of increasingly complex, mission-critical enterprise networks. Its new multi-engine architecture automates networking functions across multi-vendor, multi-domain and multi-cloud infrastructures.

Gluware 4.0’s new SaaS model simplifies the user onboarding and management process and introduces a free pricing tier for inventory management.

Gluware 4.0 introduces two new network automation offerings, Gluware Pro and Gluware Enterprise.

Gluware Pro is a cloud-delivered SaaS automation application suite powered by the Gluware Secure Gateway to achieve security and rapid onboarding in an easy to consume subscription model including a free-tier for network discovery and inventory.

The Gluware Secure Gateway provides an onramp to Gluware running in AWS, encrypting the control messages from the cloud and performs multi-engine provisioning activities to each network device. Gluware Pro is packaged for up to 2,000 devices per customer.

Gluware Enterprise, an application suite, helps automate global networks with distributed Gluware Zone Engines in geographic or logical groups for high scalability and security.

Gluware Enterprise is customizable with multiple deployment options including on-premises, customer cloud (AWS or Azure), Azure Marketplace delivered or Gluware hosted on AWS.

Gluware 4.0 is now generally available in Gluware Pro and Enterprise offerings.

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