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Gluware 4.1 Features Data Explorer To Enhance Network Agility


Gluware has announced the availability of Gluware 4.1. The latest update to Gluware’s intent-based, no-code/low-code automation suite introduces Data Explorer, a new Gluware application that offers unparalleled visibility into network data. Data Explorer enables NetOps teams to automate based on actionable, data-driven insights to enhance network agility, performance and security.

With the additional enhancements in Gluware 4.1, organizations can use Gluware Network Automation to accelerate the replacement of less extensible and secure, legacy network configuration and change management (NCCM) solutions.

Gluware 4.1 delivers intent-based, idempotent automation with closed-loop verification,
providing extensibility, scalability and security that results in better productivity, reduced time to value and improved return on IT investment. Eliminating the need to build-your-own automation, Gluware offers both off-the-shelf applications and advanced customization through Gluware Lab, its integrated development environment (IDE). According to the company, these features simplify the deployment of Gluware’s suite of network automation solutions that help NetOps teams optimize IT resources.

With deep visibility into platform, configuration and operational state data across enterprise networks of any size, Gluware 4.1’s visual dashboards enable NetOps teams to visualize, analyze and act on data derived from enterprises’ complex underlying networks.

Gluware 4.1 provides enterprises with infrastructure as code and the automated orchestration of network discovery and inventory, configuration drift and auditing, OS management, configuration management and more.

Gluware 4.1 is available in Gluware Pro and Gluware Enterprise.